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The Panthers are still waiting on Shane Steichen

The Eagles offensive coordinator is the last known coaching canditate for the Panthers that is still in the Playoffs.

NFL: DEC 04 Titans at Eagles Photo by Andy Lewis/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The 2022-23 NFL Playoffs are coming to head, with the NFC and AFC Championship games scheduled for this weekend. Many of the big name candidates that the Carolina Panthers wanted to interview for their vacant head coach position were coaching in the playoffs until yesterday. Now, only Philadelphia Eagles offensive coordinator Shane Steichen, a fan favorite, is still on a team with Super Bowl aspirations this year.

Steichen will not be available to interview for the Carolina Panthers head coach job until at least next week.

That’s just fine for the Panthers, though, as a number of other candidates on their wishlist are suddenly free after losing in the divisional round of the Playoffs last weekend. Buffalo Bills offensive coordinator Ken Dorsey, Dallas Cowboys offensive coordinator Kellen Moore, and New York Giants offensive coordinator Mike Kafka are now all available to take in-person interviews for NFL head coach positions.

The Panthers are expected to interview Sean Payton today. He was the last candidate on the Panthers’ list who wasn’t an offensive coordinator on a playoff team to interview.

With most of their list either seen or scheduled, you can expect news to happen fast and at any moment from here out. Once the Panthers identify their candidate, they are expected to move quickly to secure their services and their ideal staff.