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Keep Sounding: The season is over and the head coach search is underway

It’s time for the best part of this season—the offseason.

The Carolina Panthers season has finally drawn to close. We had fleeting playoff hopes but they were dashed by the Buccaneers. We do some cleanup of the end of the season since we’ve missed a few weeks due to holidays and illnesses. Then we talk about the upcoming decisions the Panthers have to make at head coach and quarterback.

  • What we’ve missed since our last show
  • The Panthers played a painfully boring game against the Steelers
  • They did the opposite against the Lions
  • The Bucs game was super disappointing and frustrating just when we had our hopes up
  • The Saints game looked exactly how you’d expect a meaningless final game to look
  • Derek Carr is on the market and the Panthers need a quarterback. Does it make sense?
  • What we would do if we were in charge of the Panthers quarterback hunt
  • The Panthers are casting a very wide net in their head coaching search
  • What we want to see in a new head coach
  • Steve Wilks’ resume and what his accomplishments mean as interim head coach
  • The questions we have about Wilks’ coaching
  • The fit, pros, and cons of guys like Jim Caldwell, Frank Reich, Ken Dorsey, etc. that are on the candidate list


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