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Panthers Reacts results, Week 1: Are the Panthers headed in the right direction?

A lot of Panthers fans are confident the team is finally headed in the right direction as a new season begins.

NFL: AUG 26 Preseason - Bills at Panthers Photo by John Byrum/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The Panthers are set to begin the 2022 regular season in just a few days, and a few days ago we asked you if you believe the team is headed in the right direction as they prepare for their Week 1 tilt against the Browns. The results are now in, and (a surprisingly large) 84 percent of you are confident the Panthers are headed in the right direction.

I’m a bit surprised that the number was as high as it is, but I’m also not terribly surprised that a lot of fans are confident in the Panthers right now. For starters, everyone is confident at the beginning of the season when all teams (well, except for the Bills and Rams) are 0-0, and the Panthers had a successful preseason with a 2-1 record. (Even though wins and losses don’t really matter in the preseason, it’s still nice to see your team have more wins than losses.)

It’s also easy to be confident when the Panthers actually made an attempt to fix the issues that plagued them last year. We have a new quarterback in charge of the offense and a new offensive coordinator calling the plays, so hopefully the offense will be an improvement over last season. I’m excited to see how these changes play out when the games start to matter, and we’ll all get a first look at that on Sunday when Baker Mayfield tries to beat the team who sent him out of town in an effort to upgrade their starting quarterback.

Feel free to discuss your thoughts on the results of this week’s survey in the comments, and please make sure you sign up for future surveys so your voice is heard!

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