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Panthers 2022 season opener countdown: 3 days to go

We’re counting down the days until the 2022 NFL season

Carolina Panthers v Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Pictured: Anderson, who we apparently don’t have a single picture of wearing his new uniform.
Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

We’re 4 days away from the Carolina Panthers 2022 season opener, so that means today’s countdown piece is all about the Panthers number two wideout with the number three jersey, Robbie Anderson.

If you want to talk about a polarizing member of the offense who isn’t a coach then look no further than the guy sitting next to DJ Moore on the depth chart. Anderson is a lightning fast guy who, once upon a time, was known for reliable hands and always being open. Last season saw the speed remain but his other qualities appeared to take a hate. Some fans will say that he has lost his ‘it’ factor. Others will maintain, with some evidence, that he has suffered from aggressively inconsistent quarterback play.

The truth may well be somewhere in the middle of that tension. That will be a revelation we hope to see this season as Baker Mayfield hopefully provides a consistent level of quarterback play—a necessary measure against which the rest of the team can be evaluated during a year primed for transition.

In his first year with the Panthers, Anderson proved to be the second wide receiver that fans have been dreaming of since Muhsin Muhammad retired. He recorded 95 catches for 1096 yards and three touchdowns. Season two brought out his critics when he posted only 53 catches for 519 yards and five touchdowns.

Panthers fans can start getting excited. No matter which version of Anderson we see this season, we’ll get the chance to see him starting in just three days!