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Week 4 NFL Picks, powered by Tallysight

Check out the CSR staff’s Week 4 picks

Los Angeles Rams v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

An unstoppable force meets an immovable object in Week 4 of the 2022 NFL Season. Or, that’s what I wanted to say this week. Matt Rhule’s Carolina Panthers managed to break their league-leading losing streak last week against the New Orleans Saints. That lone win aside, both the Panthers and the Arizona Cardinals have struggled with finding success this season. That leaves you with the pessimists like me who are stuck viewing the Panthers cup as half clogged and the optimists, like our own Brian Beversluis who said to me this week “it’s the Cardinals, we always beat the Cardinals.”

To his point, the Panthers currently enjoy a six game winning streak against Arizona that includes two playoff victories.

Thanks to a partnership between our friends over at Tallysight and the folks at DraftKings Sportsbook we can bring you a helpful widget* to keep track of the staff picks here at CSR for each game this season.

*It’s just a table, but it’s a pretty table.