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‘Thursday Night Football’ Week 3 Picks, powered by Tallysight

Check out the CSR staff’s Week 3 picks

New England Patriots v Pittsburgh Steelers Photo by Joe Sargent/Getty Images

Week 3’s epic Thursday Night Football matchup ends the streak of playoff previews that launched the season. A fight between 1-1 AFC North rivals will be important, but odds are that only one of these teams will see the post season. The Pittsburgh Steelers have a quarterback battle brewing as veteran Mitch Trubisky disappoints the yinzer faithful, while the Browns have an incredible running game that was unable to lift them past the New York Jets. Questions, they abound.

Thanks to a partnership between our friends over at Tallysight and the folks at DraftKings Sportsbook (where you can check out odds for tonight’s game), we can bring you a helpful widget* to keep track of the staff picks here at CSR for each game this season.

*It’s just a table, but it’s a pretty table.

This week’s technical difficulties brought to you by Bradley, who probably picked the Browns.