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Keep Sounding: Panthers vs Giants recap, Panthers vs Saints preview

The Panthers lost yet another heartbreaker.

The Carolina Panthers lost yet another ugly football game on a late field goal. Brian and Jon talk about another Panthers disappointment before looking ahead to this weekend’s divisional tilt against the New Orleans Saints. Here are the topics of discussion:

  • A recap of the game against the New York Giants and how it made us sad
  • Our thoughts on Baker Mayfield so far and the offensive struggles in general
  • Christian McCaffrey being not hurt at the moment
  • The defense playing well and a couple of shoutouts to standout performers
  • Who is to blame for the Panthers shooting themselves in the foot
  • The Saints struggling offense and the weapons we’re most worried about
  • Alvin Kamara is somehow the worst running back the Panthers have faced so far this season
  • Can the offense move the ball against the Saints pretty good defense?
  • Score predictions