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Panthers vs Saints Week 3 preview: 5 questions with Canal Street Chronicles

A defense who can’t get a turnover versus a quarterback who can’t keep the ball. Welcome to the NFL, where neither of these teams is currently threatening to be relevant.

NFL: SEP 18 Buccaneers at Saints Photo by Cliff Welch/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Week 3 of the 2022 NFL season kicks off the Panthers divisional schedule. Carolina will be hosting the New Orleans Saints with an eye towards breaking their league-leading streak of losses, currently holding at nine. The Saints are in the first year of new coach Dennis Allen’s regime and the second year of his being in charge of a Jameis Winston offense.

To get the inside eye on what that offense will look like this year and how these Saints might differ from Sean Payton’s, I reached out to Tina Howell of Canal Street Chronicles. Read on to see what she has to say about Jameis Winston’s injury, an assistant coach for Panthers fans to keep an eye on, and what a path to victory for the Panthers might look like.

The Saints opened the week as road favorites, with a -3 edge on the Panthers according to our friends over at DraftKings Sportsbook. Do you think the line is holding that closely because of Jameis Winston’s back injury?

Yes, because it is blatantly obvious that the injury is affecting him. I would think that 4 fractures in the lumbar area are very painful and difficult to function with. But we will know more about just how much once the practice and injury reports come out this week.

Speaking of Winston, two late turnovers last week seem to be the story of the game. Is this a case of the same old, chaotic quarterback that the NFC South knows and loves or has he threatened to grow in his time with the Saints?

No, it was simply a case of Jameis being out there when he should not have been. He was too injured to play, too injured to be productive. He should have been pulled after the 2nd turnover. Look at Jamies’ performance last week and last season, prior to his injury. He had more turnovers on Sunday than his prior 8 games as a Saints. He was limited all week in practice and should have not been out there Sunday. I blame the coaches for not recognizing that and making any adjustments.

Can you give us a brief preview of what, if anything, Saints fans are worried about with regards to the NO defense matching up against the Panthers offense? Bonus points if you only mention Christian McCaffrey once.

My concern is that our defense has not gotten much pressure on the QB’s in the last two weeks. Just 1 sack in 2 games is unacceptable. We uncharacteristically struggled as a whole in week one and thankfully our run defense improved this week, but we will have our hands full with CMC. Our tackles and DE can’t keep giving up plays. We were a top 5 defense last year and adding Maye and Mathieu should have only strengthened the defense but so far, they have been somewhat sluggish. Hopefully things continue to get better, and we can get back to that dominance we have been known for.

What assistant coaches do the Saints have that are up-and-coming/buzzy head coach or coordinator names? The Panthers might not be in the marker, but the fans sure are.

Pete Carmichael is a name that has been thrown around for years. He has had opportunities to interview for head coaching opportunities including here when Payton left but for whatever reason, he has passed on them. He is a silent genius and has earned the shot but maybe he just loves it here and what he does. But who really knows?

Very little has gone right for the Panthers in the first two weeks of the season. What are a couple of likely mistakes that the Saints could make that would help keep the Panthers in this game?

Do what we did last week. Too many turnovers, not making adjustments, not sticking when the run game when it was working. Anytime you can frustrate Tom Brady and hold him to 3 points in the 3rd quarter, you are giving yourself a chance to win. Unfortunately, we shot ourselves in the foot but also, when you are playing both the Bucs and the referees, it is kind of hard to defeat them both.

Here is to a good game and no injuries.