Panther fans are still wine & cheese, even worse

I've been a PSL holder from day one. Originally in section 229 (end zone) and then upgraded to midfield (lower level, not club) about 15 years ago. Honestly - Panther fans are F*CKING horrible. They barely make any noise on third downs, and often a small but vocal contingency of visiting teams fans are louder than ours (today the Browns turn out was huge).

If I was player I'd be ashamed that the fans are so lazy and complacent and don't give me any crap about the quality of the play on the field. We're supposed to be the 12th man, we have a role. We fail miserably. It's REALLY DISTURBING to see people sitting on their arse and NOT cheering on the team. It's what we're SUPPOSED to do. Sure, it's their "right" to be boring, yawn, and act disinterested but F*CK just about ALL of them. Yeah, someone may have a back issue and can't stand up. Someone else may be a professional singer and not want to strain their vocal cords. but the other 50,000 or so JUST S*CK at being fans and bringing any enthusiasm, excitement, momentum, etc that would normally give home field advantage. Maybe these are the children of the blue hair wine and cheese crowd and are used to BEING AT GOLF TOURNAMENTS - because they sure as h*ll act like they're with watching golf, tennis, or still at church ( a boring church). Rant at me all you want, make excuses all you want, but MOST PANTHER FANS AT THE GAME S U C K at cheering on the team, and I'm giving a free pass on first and second down. THIRD DOWNS and FOURTH DOWNS when we're on DEFENSE that place should ROCK. In Seattle (went there for a playoff game, so experienced it first hand) the MEASURE THE FANS INTENSITY ON A FRICKIN RICTOR SCALE THAT MEASURES EARTHQUAKES.

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