Updated: We still need players for CSR Fantasy Football

I still have spots in this league to fill, follow this link to join, $10 entry dues (pay when you join) and you must be 21 to play, It's mostly Panthers fans so we are cool people, no Bucs, Saints or Falcons fans allowed.

Never played before? No problem, its very low key and there are lots of free tools to help you learn. Actually I hate beginners, too often they get beginners luck.

For experienced players, its half-point PPR with a super flex (2 QBs). It changes your draft strategy. That's all the hints I have right now but join and more will come :)

Update as of 9/1/22:

I changed the link to the other CSR league where I now need 3 more players. Please note we use Yahoo and there are new rules for playing:

  • You must be 18 or older and the app verifies your age via your social security number
  • You must live in the US and be a US citizen with a SSN
  • It verifies your location via IP address
So please don't join if you don't meet this criteria because apparently it will let you join without meeting the criteria but then you won't be verifiable and not able to pay the $10 dues.

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