Roger Goodell Says 12-Game Suspension Not Long Enough For Helmet Assault

After Aaron Donald allegedly assaulted two Bengals players on what appears to be video in an era where photoshop and editing are very much realistic, Commissioner Roger Goodell released a statement and a heavy punishment this evening.

"We warned Myles Garrett what we would do if anything like this happened ever again and we meant it. Therefore, given the information about today's actions involving two more players from Ohio, we have no other choice. I am happy to announce that we are suspending Myles Garrett indefinitely. I would like to thank the Rams and Stephen A. Smith as well as Pat McAfee for their hard work and manipulation in helping me reach this conclusion to hold the players allowable for their actions. We wish Mister Donald a speedy recovery and offer him and his family our thoughts and prayers."

In the past, the Carolina Panthers did suspend Steve Smith for punching a teammate in the face in training camp. But Steve Smith didn't take off Ken Lucas' helmet and beat him with it. Steve Smith was out of control. Carolina took control from him. The Panthers still suspended Steve Smith for two games because unlike the Rams and the Broncos, when Panthers players injure people on purpose, they are man enough to hold them accountable even if it's their most talented player. Amazing how a team literally named after cats is less p---y than Super Bowl Champions.

We all respect the fact that fights happen in training camp. Fights even break out in Little League football games. The Patriots/Panthers story was a lot of fun for me. I once served in the military. I'm cool with fights happening. They are hilarious as long as nobody gets injured and as long as nobody is going violent with weapons or attempting murder. But nobody took a blunt object and used as a weapon in those fights. Nobody fired a freaking gun in front of children at the New England joint practices. That's the difference here. As for the NFL, Myles Garrett was one swing one helmet and one player. The NFL said that was six games. Aaron Donald is two swings two players and two helmets. That should be worth twelve.

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