Carolina Panthers Biggest Hits

Let's go ahead and use this time to discuss some of the best times the Panthers knocked a player down, got hit, or remained standing when an opponent attempted to hit a Panther. There's really not going to be much organization to this mess. It would be shameful to talk about this subject without mentioning the 1997 Playoff game against the Dallas Cowboys. It would be the first year of several glorious golden ages of Dallas Cowboys out of the NFC Championship game. Michael Irvin, who was earlier that season arrested for cocaine possession, lost his temper over his helmet being casually tossed to the side by Panthers General Manager, Bill Polian. Early in the first quarter, Lamar Lathon gave the satisfactory tackle 90s Panthers fans admire.

In 2008, Jonathan Stewart, a rookie was running against the Tampa Bay Bucs on Monday Night Football. It was a display of greatness as the NFL was introduced to Double Trouble that evening officially. Ronde Barber tried to approach him for a tackle. JStew gave a stiff arm that dribbled the famous Defensive Back like a basketball.

In 2013, as Brandon LaFell took the football to the endzone, Ted Ginn Jr. delivered a block along the way that set it up nicely against the Vikings.

In 2000, a probably drunken fan ran onto the field in the middle of a play on Monday Night Football against the Packers. While Eric Davis was returning an interception, a Panthers defensive lineman blocked a Packers player into the game's new participant.

Week 1 2002, a win for the Panthers Defense was secured when a blitz from Julius Peppers leaping over an offensive lineman forced a turnover into the hands of Dan Morgan

In 2011, right before Steve Smith stiff-armed a player from the air, which is its own highlight, there was a terrific block from Jonathan Stewart that flipped a Saints blitzer.

Remember that time ODell tried to knock down Josh Norman and he went straight to the floor?

In 2003, Julius Peppers forced an overtime football fumble on fourth down with a blast on Deuce McCallister that Kris Jenkins recovered.

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