Are We Ready To Talk Too Much About This Again?

So the Baker Mayfield/DeShaun Watson/Sam Darnold (Whatever he has to do with that story) is boring us to the point where it seems like there is nothing else in the football world. There is no Matt Ryan to the Indianapolis Colts. The Eagles didn't sign a single player in the offseason at all. There seems to be so much attention around the same subjects no matter which sports source we allow to manipulate us that even the Dallas Cowboys can't get any attention. We used to know who some of the good guys of the NFL were. Where did they go? Even though I would like to work on a more interesting topic in the near future, I want to put in some research to the subject matter first. But I did want to add some interesting conversation to this offseason. So after reminiscing about some of the most boring and overtalked stories in NFL History, I thought it would be fun to remember some of the worst conversations that were overblown in Panthers history.

First let's get to the national inspirations that started boring conversations throughout the NFL:
- Anything Terrell Owens
- Will Brett Favre retire?
- "I'm so sick of Tim Tebow?" (Seriously, then why are you talking about him?)
-"That wasn't a touchdown at the Music City Miracle"
-"Dallas will win this year"/"Should the Cowboys be concerned?"
-"The Packers and Aaron Rodgers are having some problems"
-"That was a catch by Dez Bryant" (Screw you. Detroit should have been playing in that game not Dallas.)
-Anything related to the NFL Draft before it happens

Now here are some of the worst and most overused Panthers stories that have gotten boring over the years.
-Cam Newton's Outfits Women's jokes galore. Should be great for a laugh in the world of sports, especially involving a guy who has had some moments where he made comments related to women that were offensive to some. Instead, we got a bunch of boring one-liners and 90s sitcom tropes that missed a big chance at some good material. Not one mention of how Cam Newton went from dressing like James Bond in 2011 to dressing like a Bond Girl Villain in five years. What a disappointment.

-Rae Carruth It's understandable because he was the first active player in NFL History to be accused of murder and the first to be convicted. His story later became exaggerated about how good of a player he actually was. There was some light in there but not as much as experts claim to remember. Now the team reaching out to Cherica's family is a sweet story. But between ten and twenty years after the incident, it seemed like there was a month in there when the story would be repeated among three or four sources simultaneously.

-Chris Weinke- The Panthers continued the bad habits of losing games in the final moments consistently. Even though George Seifert was notorious for it, it did start with Dom Capers and continued in 2002 with John Fox before one year later, when the Cardiac Cats were coronated. Chris Weinke took a lot of abuse from fans and media. Some of it was necessary. But his only year as a started was that abysmal rookie season with George Seifert coaching Steve Smith but not starting him at wide receiver. So what do we say to that?

-Why did the Panthers draft Jonathan Stewart? We already have a running back! Because they got sick of DeShaun Foster being hurt all the time and didn't want the same thing to happen to DeAngelo Williams. That's why.

-Kerry Collins was so great for the Carolina Panthers Do not bother with this story. He had an okay career his first two seasons with the team. He was impressive as a rookie. There is no doubt about that. But the team should have benched him in 1997 and 1998 until he got his alcohol issues settled. He wasn't that great.

-Steve Beuerlein's touchdown run The play was awesome. But the entire rest of the game was unreal. It had a lot of everything even great special teams play. But all anyone seems to mention is the one time Beuerlein was clutch in a Panthers career that set him for an opportunity to win quite often only to miss the endzone too frequently. It would be a better story if the whole story was told and not just the five second countdown. Also, the fact that this eclipses the epic matchup between Aaron Rodgers and Jake Delhomme in 2008 is just sad.

-Cam only had one good season Which one was that? Was that when he was breaking rookie records in 2011, when he was leading the Panthers from 1-3 to 12-4 in 2013, when he survived the car wreck and overcame a 3-8-1 start to win the division, when he won MVP in 2015, or when he led the team to an 11-5 record two years later?

-Signing Michael Oher and Matt Khalil was a mistake They took the team to the Super Bowl. Shut up.

-John Kasay kicked it out of bounds. He also set an NFL record for most field goals in a season in 1996, won several games for the Panthers to become the Cardiac Cats that year, tied in NFL record for the most field goals in a playoff game that season, and kept his poise in all situations as a team leader. Also he scored every point the Panthers had in week two against the defending Super Bowl Champions when Kris Jenkins needed to block that kick.

-Cam Didn't Dive On The Football Yes and the refs didn't eject Aquib Talib for injuring Philly Brown.

-The Panthers should fire their head coaches every two years Yeah firing John Fox worked out great right before fans wanted to fire Ron Rivera after two years who the fans convinced David Tepper to fire two years after reaching the playoffs to replace him with Matt Rhule who the fans already want to see fired. In the entire team's history, the only head coach the Panthers fired that absolutely needed to be fired was George Seifert. It's not like they had Urban Meyer treating everybody like gum under his foot.

-"Oh not Jimmy Clausen!" Repeat after me: "There is no such thing as the 2010 NFL season. It never happened."

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