The Carolina Panthers Are Not Obligated To Collect Baker Mayfield

It's easy to see why the Carolina Panthers would want improvements at Quarterback in the roster. But there is no reason to waste a draft pick or that much money when more can be had by looking outside this media box people seem to think is so wise. Ever since David Tepper bought the Carolina Panthers, the team has tried to do things the media/fans' ways and it has been a little more successful than the 2010 season (which the Panthers deliberately trashed). Even then, the team didn't stay this bad for this long. Fun fact: After listening to the fans and media about how great this guy is (about several personnel), the Panthers have now passed the longest streak in team history without a playoff win. Isn't that wonderful news folks? Maybe Eric Reid wasn't the right guy. Maybe Sam Darnold wasn't the right guy. Maybe Matt Rhule wasn't the right guy. Maybe Joe Brady wasn't the right guy. Maybe firing Ron Rivera wasn't the right move. Maybe Teddy Bridgewater wasn't the right guy. Maybe Robby Anderson wasn't the right guy. Maybe just maybe we ought to stop letting the media (a bunch of people that never seem to even like the Panthers- That goes for the Carolina media too) run this team into the abyss. Dallas has already tried this strategy and they're still not able to reach a conference championship because of it.

If the Browns are having problems with Baker Mayfield, it is possible that maybe just maybe it is not easy to work with Baker Mayfield. Now we all know the Browns are a lousy organization. But even lousy organizations can have good relationships with good people. I'm not saying that just because business people have lousy relationships means that they are always going to be bad for business. I'm just saying it is something to take into consideration that Mayfield may not be a Messiah and that's why Cleveland may say bye to Baker.

Mostly what the Panthers need to consider is how to put in the work with what is already available. The team paid six draft picks between two players to find the quarterback of the future and still are not displaying any confidence in them. The Panthers are assuming greatness will happen just because CBS Sports says "Ooh shiny". Maybe the real greatness will come by surprising the league when they don't know there already is greatness there.

What if the rest of the NFL is laughing and the best way to win is to keep them laughing? You know, pool shark them. Who thought to read up on Kurt Warner and the Rams before the 1999 season? Who thought that the 8-8 Ravens would be Super Bowl Champions the year after that? Who gave the Bengals a chance at second place in their division let alone the NFL prior to last season?

No matter what young quarterback the Panthers choose to develop, it will likely take time that fans and media are too stupid to give them. They'll reject this need even if they do admit the Panthers have had overrated receivers, a lack of running back talent, and no offensive line.

If Mayfield is added to the Panthers, of course we should be excited to have a number one pick with some NFL success in the roster. But there is no reason to believe the team cannot win without him. Nor is there any reason to believe he would improve the team well enough to justify the cost the Panthers will pay in the trade. Panthers fans have jumped the enthusiasm too quickly for Will Grier, Jeff Lewis, David Carr, Kerry Collins, Jimmy Clausen, and Teddy Bridgewater. Don't pretend you didn't fall for at least one of these trap players. I will be nice and not add Sam Darnold to the list (for now). Fans didn't even give Matt Corral a first chance let alone a second one.

So let's remind the media their advice is unnecessary. Remember, Matt Millen was great in the media before he was general manager of the Lions. This isn't a video game. Let the grownups do their job and you just enjoy the show, Ebert.

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