Matt Corral vs. the Old GOAT

Matt Coral is a 6'2", 212 lb. QB drafted in the 3rd round (pick 94th, 4th QB) by our beloved Carolina Panthers. Most of us will think of another 3rd round QB who did pretty well and has a connection to our super star GM, Mr. Fitty. But some of you may not know that he actually has more in common with another 3rd QB who did pretty well. I'm talking about the Old GOAT, before Brady, no other than Joe Montana. That's right, Joe Montana was a 3rd round pick too.

Joe Montana was 6'2", 200 lb. QB taken in 1979 in the 3rd round (pick 82nd, 4th QB) by the 49ers.

Scouting Report:

Before the 1979 draft, one scouting combine rated Montana a 6½ (out of 9). The report said: "He can thread the needle, but usually goes with his primary receiver and forces the ball to him even when he's in a crowd. He's a gutty, gambling, cocky type. Doesn't have great tools, but could eventually start."

Doesn't this sound a lot like someone else we've all heard of?

Matt Corral


  • Natural throwing talent.
  • Accurate to all areas of the field.
  • Aggressive in attacking defenses deep.

But the similarities don't stop there. Joe Montana became the Old GOAT because he was the perfect QB to run Walsh's new West Coast Offense. Our OC McAdoo also runs a West Coast Offense.

It's been reported that Corral was McAdoo's guy. Does he see a little of Montana in Corral? They are quite similar in many ways. Same size. Both are extremely accurate with quick decision making and releases. Both are confident and willing to throw the ball.

Is Matt Corral the next Joe Montana? Probably not. Could he be the perfect QB to run McAdoo's offense? It's quite possible. Maybe he won't be the next Joe Montana but maybe he can be the first Matt Corral and hopefully write a pretty good story for himself and our beloved Carolina Panthers as well.

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