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It’s time for the CSR 2022 pick the Panthers draft class contest

See if you can predict who the Panthers will select in the draft.

Welcome to the annual CSR pick the Carolina Panthers draft class contest. We are exactly one week away from the start of the 2022 NFL Draft so it’s time to submit your picks. The rules are simple: The Panthers have six picks in the 2022 draft so you have six picks. You do not need to assign a round to the pick. Just list six names. That’s it. Do not list more than six. It doesn’t matter what happens between now and the start of the draft or during the draft as far as trades and the number of picks the Panthers end up making. Six is it.

Whoever gets the most correct players drafted by the Panthers is the winner. You get one submission per member. In the past getting three correct would probably equate to a win. With only six picks I’m betting the winner will only get two correct. So if you want to focus on the first pick or just the middle picks go for it. If you think you know a late round flyer go for that too.

In the event of a tie, the winner is whoever submitted their initial entry first via the time stamp on the comment. So stop dilly dallying along people and submit your entry!

Here’s one hint: The Panthers tend to draft at least a player or two from those they visited with in the offseason. Here’s a decent list of those players from Walter Football. You might find more via Google.

Here’s my list of six Panthers draft selections. Based on my past history with this contest, the Panthers might draft one of these guys below:

QB Kenny Pickett
QB Bailey Zappe
OT Ikem Ekwonu
G Cole Strange
LB Brandon Smith
CB Tariq Woolen

Good luck to you and keep pounding!