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Panthers sign former Ravens center Bradley Bozeman

In the wake of not making any dumb quarterback decisions, the Panthers are making a lot of really smart ones, especially on offense.

NFL: Baltimore Ravens at Las Vegas Raiders Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

There has been a flurry of free agent moves this afternoon, and one of the most exciting for my Hog Molly heart, is the Carolina Panthers acquisition of former Baltimore Ravens center, Bradley Bozeman.

The deal is just for one year, and terms are not currently known.

I have a personal belief that the Ravens are one of the premier lineman factories in the NFL, their development pipeline in that regard is one to emulate and envy. Bozeman was the starting center last year for a Ravens offense that ranked sixth in yards per carry in 2021. Unfortunately, it was one of the lowest rated units in sacks allowed, but a lot of that is simply the gameplan revolving around running quarterback extraordinaire Lamar Jackson.

Some background on Bozeman, he played the first three years of his career at guard, but upon switching to center last season saw a bit of a career renaissance, his play improved significant, probably aided by being able to be the first off the ball. The short analysis on this is, this fills a position of significant need for the Panthers, and Bozeman is going to get a shot to prove that his first year at center was not a fluke. The Panthers are currently far better along their offensive line than they were at any point last year, which gives me a little hope we can see some wholesale improvement next season.