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Keep Sounding: Ben McAdoo, other coaching news, Super Bowl

The Panthers have made some moves.

The Carolina Panthers have shaken up a coaching staff in desperate need of a shakeup. Ben McAdoo is the new offensive coordinator and James Campen is his offensive line coach while Chris Tabor. We talk about that and a whole lot more on this episode:

  • Our reactions to the Ben McAdoo hiring, what’s good, what’s bad, and why it’s pretty much the most we could’ve expected from the hire
  • James Campen will coach the offensive line which may or may not be good but it will be different
  • Chris Tabor’s resume and why a good special teams coach is so important
  • The state of the Panthers coaching staff after these hires and the decisions they’ll need to make in the offseason

And some less Panthery stuff at the end of the show

  • The Senior Bowl is coming
  • The Brian Flores situation and the NFL’s problems with coaching hires
  • Super Bowl thoughts and predictions