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Keep Sounding: Ravens/Broncos recap, season review for the bye week

The Panthers have had some ups and downs, and now we use the bye week to see where we are.

We have mercifully made it to the Carolina Panthers bye week. Thankfully they sent us into the week off with a commanding win over the Denver Broncos. We recap that among some other stuff listed below:

  • The Panthers lost a brutally boring game against the Ravens since we know you all were sad you didn’t get to hear us talk about it. We spend like five minutes on it though because the past is the past.
  • More time on the win over the Broncos because that game was more fun
  • It was especially fun because it was over Russell Wilson, who is very fun to talk trash about, which we do
  • Sam Darnold’s contributions to the win
  • Shout outs to defensive standouts over the past couple of weeks
  • What the roster looks like after two thirds of a season to evaluate it
  • Strengths and weaknesses at different position groups
  • What do the Panthers do in the offseason assuming the season continues in the direction we think


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