Order of needs for 2023 NFL Draft

After a Raiders win today, the Panthers hold these picks in the 2023 NFL Draft (per Tankathon):

Picks - 2, 35, 52, 84, 105, 122, 139, 220 (may change based on SF's performance on Monday)

I think the Panthers should go:

pick 2: QB (I prefer Bryce Young over Stroud)

pick 35: S or CB (lack of depth in secondary)

pick 52: solid TE (prefer someone who can catch over block)

pick 84: S or CB (lack of depth in secondary). Maybe a DT to complement D. Brown

pick 105: WR (Shi Smith is dropping in value)

pick 122: LB (Move Chinn back to LB and grab depth in FA)

pick 139: OL (Just to have extra depth as I don't expect Panthers to retain Cam Erving or Pat Elfein #resign Bozeman)

pick 220: maybe a late round QB for backup

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