Ideas On The Table So We Don't Deal With This Losing On Purpose Nonsense Ever Again

Enough is enough. Either the NFL will awaken to the reality that teams need more incentives to win or it will collapse into self-destruction. Losing needs a higher cost and fans need to experience it too. You play to win. That's it. You don't cheat but you do win. If you don't want to win then don't come in. The draft can be a bright side of defeat. And I encourage and support that the lowest seed should have the first pick. Too many people are too quick to quit on their team. They don't value the players as people and they are out of control with the obnoxious stupidity of losing on purpose that kills the integrity of the game. I wish I could have such poisonous morons banished from the game. But unfortunately, we have to live in this cold, dark world where people have to have the habit of winning explained to them. So here it is. Winning is a guest for us invited by hard work, meets us by surprise, and continues to stay as long as we are polite hosts to it and acknowledge its company. It does not happen because we felt good a few months ago about someone we decided to meet. It happens because we worked well with many people and decided to share great attitudes and a solid work ethic with each other.

NFL professionals from coaches to players to secretaries understand the need for winning. But they need to make the fans believe in them. It is in the best interests of the personnel involved that they have the loyalty of the fans. Being loyal to the team without appreciating the success of the individuals involved is blind and detrimental. Fans do not understand the need to be loyal beyond the brand.

Among the changes I propose for a better league, I say allow teams to have a higher salary cap space for when they win and when they maintain the same personnel. For every player you maintain from the previous season, your team is allowed more money to spend on players' salaries. The same goes for coaches, general managers, and scouts. For every game you win, you are allowed to spend more money on players' salaries as well. The wins within the division pay more than wins within the conference. The wins within the conference pay more than wins against the opposing conference. Add to that, make home games matter. Home games pay more in salary cap increases than road games.

Another proposal I have considered and really want is to double up division games so they count for two years. In the past, I wanted to consider division games for two consecutive years for playoff position and division w-l considerations. Now I suggest we just simply count them as part of the following season altogether. So if the Panthers finish the year 4-2 against the NFC South, then the 2023 season would begin already with a 4-2 record. It intensifies division games and creates a need for fans to win anyway. Even on a down year, an upset win over Tampa hurts them bigger than ever and it feels better than ever. Finishing a bad year on a good note with a division win would spark more lights of hope on the next season.

When the draft does arrive, the teams in the top ten selections only have three minutes to choose their players. The teams in the next ten selections have ten minutes to select their choices. Finally, the teams in the rest of the first round have twelve minutes to choose. So if you want that pick you better move quick.

Whatever the NFL can do to repair the game so fans don't embarrass themselves or their organizations any further, we should be open to ideas. Any input would be appreciated.

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