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Keep Sounding: Panthers lose to Bengals, Frank Reich, Thursday night Falcons preview

Football happened.

The Carolina Panthers allegedly played a football game against the Cincinnati Bengals on Sunday, though it looks like they may have forgotten about it. They’re also not the only dumpster fire in the league, which has resulted in a head coach candidate becoming available. And now we get a Thursday night game to showcase this franchise. Here’s the rundown:

  • The Panthers were utterly outclassed by the Bengals
  • Some unflattering stats about the team’s performance
  • Shout outs to guys scoring their first career touchdowns
  • My college quarterback highlight viewing status
  • PJ Walker might not be the guy
  • The Colts fired head coach Frank Reich, and he might be on the Panthers radar
  • The merits of hiring Reich to be the team’s next head coach
  • Preview of the Panthers upcoming Thursday night game against the Falcons
  • The best reason to watch the game
  • Scoring predictions


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