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Keep Sounding: Panthers lose to Cardinals, 49ers preview

Things are spiraling.

Any optimism the Carolina Panthers built up in a win over the New Orleans Saints was swiftly and authoritatively wiped away by Sunday’s performance against the Arizona Cardinals. We’ve got some heat to talk about, so let’s talk about it.

  • A recap of the Panthers loss to the Cardinals in stupid ugly fashion
  • The continued poor play of the offense
  • The Panthers have a quarterback problem
  • Where Baker Mayfield’s struggles have come from and why we’re not optimistic about his ability to turn it around
  • Midseason coaching change?
  • Fans booing the home team
  • We give the defense their flowers
  • Previewing Panthers vs 49ers
  • The 49ers aren’t a juggernaut, but their defense looks like an insurmountable task for the Panthers offense
  • The 49ers defense has a pretty absurd statistical profile through four games this season
  • Score predictions
  • Brian’s Panthers pessimist bet that almost won him a lot of money