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Matt Rhule reportedly interested in Jim Harbaugh’s Michigan job

The current Michigan coach may be interested in an NFL job, while the current Panthers coach might be interested in an off ramp.

Atlanta Falcons v Carolina Panthers Photo by Lance King/Getty Images

CBS Sports’ Jason La Canfora is reporting that Carolina Panthers head coach Matt Rhule “would be very interested” in an open head coaching position at the University of Michigan. Current Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh is apparently a top target for the Las Vegas Raiders job.

La Canfora also reports that Rhule was interested in both the Penn St and LSU jobs in recent months. These reports do not carry any indicating of his sourcing, but imply a situation in which Rhule can feel the heat on his seat and is interested in exiting on his own terms.

It is highly unclear if Harbaugh, whose Michigan team made it to the College Football Playoffs this year, has any interest in returning to the NFL at this time. The Raiders are currently considered a top destination for prospective head coaches, so Panthers fans should probably squash any burgeoning hopes they may harbor for a straight Rhule-for-Harbaugh swap between Charlotte and Ann Arbor—even if it would be entertaining to see the former Panthers quarterback back in town.