Mock the Season 2.0

So just to be clear. This is a Mock Draft. Been playing with PFN Mock, but this time decided to give PFF Mock a run.

Draft One No Trades Allowed.

No Trade Draft

Worked out pretty well, filled in the line with a starter at LT and some more guys who could be good, Metchie was a surprise and nothing offered nearly the value at that point, as there was no LB's or others needs available at that pick outside of reaches.

Draft Two Only Trades In The Late Rounds...

Only Late Trades

Well we need players today, so didn't make a trade for future picks till the sixth round. Weird Draft as Neal, Cross, and Ekwonu were taken before the 6th pick, while Thibodeaux is not a need at all, how can you pass him up... Filled in the line the best I could but think this is the weakest draft for our needs.

Draft Three Take The Gloves Off.

The Glove Fitts

Fun times. Oline Check, Young QB Check, LB's Check... Good stuff, Might have to look at a different C if Lindstrom doesn't work out but all in all this would be a win.

Draft Four Fleece A Rival.

Hot Lanta....

Haha, this one warms my cold dead heart after this season. Good draft but I wished I could get a QB better than McKee Mouse though...

Draft Five Fill The Roster With Trades....

Fitter Field Day

You want depth, you want bodies, you want picks, you want everything but a for sure LT, then this is your pudding. Eat and eat well.


I know its just messing around before the draft but at least its been entertaining, which the second half of this season wasn't (Well that game ARZ excluded). Keep Pounding and maybe we will be surprised by something this offseason.

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