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The 2021 CSR fantasy football league winners have been crowned

Let’s give them some props for their superior effort.

Just the like the actual NFL football season, the fantasy season was just as crazy and unpredictable. The never-ending surges of the COVID-19 pandemic made the bye weeks the hardest to navigate in the history of fantasy football. Yet regardless of the difficulty we did have some managers rise above the chaos to bring home the gold. Here are the winners from the three CSR Leagues.

CSR 1 (free to play)

Our winner is Daniel’s McFlyers with a total of 1879.12 points for the season. McFly beat Matthew’s Rhule 34 in a convincing 16-point victory. McFly rode the Joe Burrow (45) to Jamar Chase (52) stack all season long and it was never bigger than championship week. The duo put up 97 points in the championship game, an unheard of point total for two players on the same team. It didn’t hurt that he also had Justin Jefferson, Dalvin Cook and Justin Herbert. So honestly a 16-point loss is not that bad. Hat tip to the Horn of Carolina for showing and going 12-2 during the regular season. For me I finished a disappointing eighth place, easily the worst finish of my ten 2021 fantasy teams. Fortunately I did better in the other two CSR leagues.

I also have to give a shout out to McFlyer for attaining Diamond level play in Yahoo, the only diamond in the CSR leagues.

CSR 2 (free to play)

In CSR 2 our winner is Curtis’ Direwolves (1699 total points). The Direwolves put up a 163-125 shellacking of Dan’s Pontiac Bandits to win the title. The Bandits were the top seed most of the season but then fell to Joe Burrow’s big day just like Rhule 34. The rest of the Direwolves team core was Davante Adams, Stephon Diggs, Joe Montgomery and the Buffalo defense. This team and victory will certainly be entered into House Stark lore.

In third place was my team Rhulin the Gridiron. I can’t complain about this result as my team was a work in process all season. Josh Allen played well enough all season but otherwise the roster I won third place with is very different from the one I drafted. I had to work the wire all season with this one.

CSR Cash League ($10 entry fee)

In the big boy league where we put some skin the game, Jeff’s Panthster team (1,811 points) defeated Phillip’s Perfect Team by 13 points. Panthster did a masterful job of starting lesser-known players getting a chance to start such as Trey Lance, Amon-Ra St. Brown and Jaret Patterson. Well done. You proved that even if you don’t have the best draft you can still grab the gold by staying working the wire and playing the match ups.

My team the Cardiac Cats finished third, a huge disappointment for me but only because of how good my team was. They just let me down when I needed them most. When you have the top scoring player in Jonathan Taylor and the top scoring wide receiver in Cooper Kupp, plus Joe Mixon, Kyler Murray and Terry McLaurin you expect to get the final if not win it all. At least I won my entry fee back.

Based on total points scored during the regular season our overall winner is The McFlyers, who scored the most points of the three winners. Congratulations!

(He’s lucky I didn’t win the cash league or I would have taken the overall league).

So there are your winners for the 2021 CSR Fantasy Football leagues. Join me in congratulating them!

For everyone else, there is always next year.

Keep pounding!