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Keep Sounding: The Panthers are 1-0 and now have to host the Saints

We recap the Panthers victory over the Jets and look ahead to Week 2’s game against the Saints.

Brad, Brian, and Jon are back with the first regular season episode of the Keep Sounding Podcast. On this show, we talk about:

The Carolina Panthers going 1-0 with their win over the New York Jets, with topics including:

  • How Sam Darnold looked in his debut
  • Christian McCaffrey’s subtle dominance
  • The potential of the defense after they shut down the Jets for most of the afternoon
  • Zach Wilson praise

A preview of the upcoming Week 2 match-up with the New Orleans Saints and...

  • The litany of injuries the Saints are dealing with, specifically defensively, and how they’ll be playing Sunday’s game with like half their starters out
  • Jameis Winston being not bad in New Orleans. Is it Sean Payton, or is it just because he can see now?
  • Where the Saints are dangerous on offense since they basically don’t have wide receivers
  • Score predictions (eventually)
  • The Panthers have a new kicker, and if we told you who it was during the spring of 2017, you’d be over the moon

There are definitely no tangents within this show about virtual Panthers, Keep Pounding chants, or not being sad.