It's Just A Game

It's beating the Super Bowl Champions in the playoffs with a second year team. It's building a statue for a guy who only played three seasons with the team. It is Cam Newton celebrating when the media admits they want to injure him on purpose for dancing. It is "Ice Up, Son" and "Blood and Guts". It is scoring a touchdown on fourth down when the referees erased the one that was scored on third down. It is blocking an extra point to force overtime against the Super Bowl Champions. It is going to the Super Bowl with "only one good player". It's winning a playoff game in the loudest and best defended home turf in the league.

It's the redemption of Ray Lewis and finding Kurt Warner in a grocery store. It is Peyton Manning going to two Super Bowls after a broken neck. The game is Deion Sanders high stepping and Tim Tebow praying on his knees. It's just a game until Josh Norman goes horseback riding with Jerry Richardson. It's just a game until the team comes together when the head coach's house caught on fire. When the team rallies to defeat racism and cancer, it is more than a game. When a kid gets the football after a touchdown, it looks like more than a game. When the fans stand in the rain watching the Saints lose the division throwing interceptions to Thomas Davis and Luke Kuechly, there is something to this game.

This is a play with so many stars and so many actors improvising. "Dear NFL, Please Don't Fine Me". Help me get this cellphone out of the goal post. Don't let the mascot jump on the football before the play is dead. The dynasty of the Mannings and the McCaffereys. The religion of Tebow and Reggie White. It is the thundering voice from what seems to be God telling us "NFL Films presents..."

"Who is David Tyree?"
"Will Brett Favre retire?"
"Where is the flag?"
"How did we lose to Dallas?"
"What kind of a pass was that?"

It is the Buffalo Bills fans deliberately reminding everyone they lost four Super Bowls. It is the New England Patriots fans accidentally reminding everyone they cheated. It is the Chicago Bears and Denver Broncos destroying quarterbacks, even the ones on their own teams. For some reason, we keep using gladiators and Kardashians as analogies.

The Cardiac Cats, The Steel Curtain, The Greatest Show on Turf, The Dirty Birds, and the Purple People Eaters

And now we are back reloading the stadiums with the cannons of thousands of people's arms bothering the talking heads by doing the wave. Our feet are on the couch cushions pressing our knees to our ribs hoping we can dance and hit our wrists and that friggin' low ceiling fan. Our opinions are from the logic of how it works in any business. We are the general managers we think the team needs. Our dogs could coach better. Our alcoholics can run faster. Our Moms can make those catches we keep dropping. We are back to another season of making memes we didn't know we needed. We are back to discussing politics using sports analogies and disgusting sports with political analogies.

Welcome back to hugging strangers and high fiving ankle biters. We missed our overpriced clothing and souvenir cups of soda. Welcome back to making fat jokes of professional athletes while we sit on the couch hoarding the remote control in our belly buttons. I don't care if we need to sing a whole concert of patriotic, racial, religious, and foreign language songs together. I'm just glad we can come together to say, "Keep Pounding", "Whodat", "Who dey think gonna beat them Bengals", "Go Pack Go", "Fly Eagles Fly", and "I actually hope we keep losing so we can get a better draft pick".

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