THIS Panther receives National recognition

While we wait for news on Shi's health and for any surprise cuts today, I found this article I thought I'd share with you all. FMIA: Baltimore Is Built To Last, But Reality Hits Hard After Injury; Camp Snapshots After One Month On Road - ProFootballTalk (

According to Football Morning in America, there is one Panther who stands out among the entire league as the best value player. Is it Burns you ask? Chinn? One of the rookies? The simple answer is no. Instead it is one of our best players and unsung star in the making.......this guy.

Denver Broncos v Carolina Panthers

Best Value (Veteran): Joseph Charlton, Punter, Carolina

He’ll make $780,000, less than one-half of 1 percent of the cap. Last season, as a rookie, Charlton had a better gross average, net average and fewer punts returned than the great Johnnie Hekker. I saw Charlton punt during Colts-Panthers practices, and his hang time was insane. When I asked coach Matt Rhule about a big player for his team that no one’s thinking about, he said: "How about our punter? He’s really valuable in how he can reverse the field." Rhule’s a big special-teams guy, like his idol Bill Parcells, and the placement and height of Charlton’s punts are a boon to Carolina field position.

Joseph Charlton had an incredible rookie season and in camp he looked like nothing will be changing anytime soon. Punters are not sexy and rarely do we ever talk about them if they are doing a good job and if they are doing a great job then we never talk about them until now. Let's take a moment to appreciate the gem we found last year.

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