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Panthers training camp questions: Can we go ahead and crown our MVP?

From Jared Green to David Gettis, the Panthers training camp MVPs have a storied history. Will it continue this year?

NFL: Carolina Panthers Training Camp Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports

The Carolina Panthers have their first week of practice in the books, with four straight practices open to the public followed by a rest Sunday. They were back Monday with their last training camp practice before the pads come on today. That means we haven’t really learned a lot yet. What we can do is start to narrow down our questions so that we can be more intelligent about how we pay attention to the information that will soon coming flooding out Spartanburg as the Panthers begin their padded practices. Here is one of the most important questions I am asking:

Who is the training camp MVP?

We are going to leave behind the dubious history of training camp MVPs from years past and focus on the guys who are showing potential to become real stars to starters for the 2021 Carolina Panthers. Jeremy Chinn, Jaycee Horn, Ian Thomas, and Robby Anderson have all made a few highlight reels from the first week of training camp, but nobody has impressed media and fans more consistently than rookie wide receiver Terrace Marshall, Jr.

Marshall has flashed potential every day and obviously already has familiarity with both this offense and his offensive coordinator, Joe Brady, from their shared time at LSU. He has done enough in his limited time on the practice field to convince former Carolina Panther and current team commentator Steve Smith to cape for him. Per Smith, Terrace is “Mr Marshall” to us. Respect is due on his name.

All fun and games aside, let’s be clear that nobody has won or lost much at training camp yet this year. There are weeks of practice left to settle out who this team is going to be. I’m not saying this because I’m worried about hyping somebody up, I just don’t want y’all thinking that I am trying to curse our promising, new, and unstoppable red zone threat.