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2021 NFL Draft grades: Context for where we rated Phil Hoskins

This rounds out the Panthers entire 11-player draft class.

Georgia vs Kentucky Photo by Mark Cornelison/Collegiate Images/Getty Images

We gave you the quick grades on each of the Carolina Panthers 11 draft picks on Sunday, but didn’t offer a ton of justification. Each of these guys is an intriguing pick in their own right and they each deserve more than 30 words about why the Panthers picked them and why we judged them the way we did. Also, this way you can roast me in the comments for each individual grade instead of having to do it all at once. Today, we’re talking about the Panthers No. 232 pick, Phil Hoskins.

Round 7, Pick No. 4 (No. 232 overall): Phil Hoskins, DT, Kentucky

The Panthers managed to pick up another defensive tackle with the appropriate size and a decent first step. In the seventh round you either draft guys like him or kickers. Unless, of course, you are the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, at which point you trade up in the second round to draft a kicker who you cut after one season. Champions.

As for Hoskins, we don’t know much about him beyond his stats from the University of Kentucky. What we did learn from his selection is that the Panthers are still trying to get a little meatier on their defensive line and are willing to spend resources on the concern. They struggled last season with both depth and production from both the cornerback and defensive tackle positions. This year they spent two draft picks on each position.

Grade: A++
It’s their last pick, it’s in the seventh round, and they already drafted ten other guys. They took a swing at a position of need. Honestly, this grade has been awarded for them not forgetting about a pick they ultimately couldn’t trade away while also trying to organize their undrafted free agent class. Kudos to them.

Also, try not to root for this man’s success. I dare you: