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Keep Sounding: Kent Lee Platte joins the show to talk about the Panthers draft

You may know him as MathBomb on Twitter and as the creator of RAS.

On this special episode of the Keep Sounding podcast, we are joined by Kent Lee Platte aka @MathBomb on Twitter aka the creator of Relative Athletic Score (RAS). On this show, we’ve got:

  • Kent explains the origin of RAS and how he developed it
  • How RAS correlates to success at the NFL level, what positions its a good predictor of, and where exceptions can be found
  • The logic of placing a heavy emphasis on athletic testing when grading draft prospects
  • Where different athletic profiles go in the draft
  • The Panthers general approach to drafting mostly above average athletes
  • Should Panthers fans be concerned about Deonte Brown’s poor athletic traits
  • A pick by pick breakdown of the Panthers first several picks, where they excel, and where they lack
  • How players that might not have great overall athletic scores could overcome that, and how players traditionally thought of as poor athletes can test well
  • Kent’s final thoughts on the Panthers draft
  • A little Lions talk from Kent since he covers the team