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2021 NFL Draft grade: Context for where we rated Terrace Marshall Jr

Here’s how we looked at the Panthers drafting a wide receiver before an offensive tackle in the 2021 NFL Draft

South Carolina v LSU Photo by Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images

We gave you the quick grades on each of the Carolina Panthers 11 draft picks on Sunday, but didn’t offer a ton of justification. Each of these guys is an intriguing pick in their own right and they each deserve more than 30 words about why the Panthers picked them and why we judged them the way we did. Also, this way you can roast me in the comments for each individual grade instead of having to do it all at once. Today, we’re talking about the Panthers No. 59 overall pick, Terrace Marshall Jr.

Round 2, Pick No. 37 (No. 59 overall): Terrace Marshall, Jr., WR, LSU

The Panthers traded back 20 spots from their original pick and still selected a guy they had been connected to at No. 39. Marshall Jr. even received some first round buzz prior to the draft, but fell due to some current and prior medical concerns. He is a tall, fast, technically sound receiver who otherwise had no business being available this late in the draft.

He also played for a year under current Panthers offensive coordinator Joe Brady. From character to on-field potential to medical evaluations, if anybody in the NFL was going to have the inside scoop on this guy it was going to be the Panthers.

Grade: A+
The Panthers reunited Brady with one of his top receivers from LSU and leaned on that relationship (and, presumably, their medical staff) to gain confidence in Marshall Jr’s medical situation. They picked up the one first-round talent at wide receiver who wasn’t undersized at the end of the second round and managed to pay off the majority of the Sam Darnold trade in the process. This is the kind of savvy drafting the Panthers have been waiting for. This is the process that doesn’t leave you grasping at Jimmy Clausen-shaped straws in future years.

Was I devastated when the Panthers traded back the first time with so many tackles on the board only to see them all go before our then No. 52 pick (including Sam Cosmi to the Washington Football Team at No. 51, thanks Ron)? Of course. But it’s OK. This was still a high value pick and, not to give any spoilers on the already published draft grades we’ll be analyzing tomorrow, it may have all worked out in the end.