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Keep Sounding: Breaking down the 2021 schedule release

Brad and Brian talk about the Panthers’ 2021 schedule.

The Panthers revealed their 2021 schedule last night, so Brad and Brian decided to record a special episode of the Keep Sounding podcast to talk about it. They went through the schedule game by game and gave a quick breakdown of what we should expect to see when the Panthers take the field against their slate of opponents (which admittedly wasn’t much, because let’s be real: it’s hard to break down a schedule in May).

Brian tried to make Brad mad by bringing up the comments Teddy Bridgewater made about the Panthers not practicing the 2-minute drill and the red zone offense as much as he thought they should, so they talked about that for a bit too. (Spoiler: If you follow Brad on Twitter — which you should because he’s awesome — you already know how he feels about Bridgewater’s comments.)

Please download the episode and subscribe to the show using your preferred podcasting platform (we’re on them all), and let us know what you think in the comments!