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Keep Sounding: The Panthers have acquired Sam Darnold

The Panthers have their new quarterback of the future. Maybe.

In case you hadn’t heard, the Carolina Panthers traded three draft picks (only one in 2021) to acquire former New York Jets quarterback Sam Darnold. We’ve got more content about it. This time in podcast form. On this Sam Darnold special edition of the Keep Sounding podcast, here’s what Brad, Brian, and I talk about:

  • Our initial reactions to the trade
  • Reasons to be ambivalent about the trade, and reasons to be excited about the trade
  • Our guesses to what the Panthers were thinking when making the move
  • Justifying the decision and reconciling the idea that even if it’s not what many would have wanted, there’s still merit to the decision
  • Sam Darnold’s situation in New York and why it’s reasonable to think he’ll be better after being freed from Adam Gase
  • Some tangent about Captain Munnerlyn
  • A fun fact about Sam Darnold’s age
  • A couple of draft options for the Panthers now that they aren’t married to the idea of taking a quarterback