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Keep Sounding: The Panthers have selected Jaycee Horn

The Panthers have shocked the world.

The Carolina Panthers have selected Jaycee Horn with the eighth overall pick in the 2021 NFL Draft. Jaycee Horn is neither an offensive tackle nor is he Justin Fields. Many people are shocked and saddened by that news.


A few facts about Jaycee Horn:

  • He is the son of former Saints wide receiver and cell phone performance artist Joe Horn
  • He is the second most athletic cornerback in the history of this database
  • He basically played an NFL schedule’s worth of wide receivers in the SEC and did a terrific job
  • He has a great name
  • He decommitted from Tennessee to play for South Carolina, so he clearly has great taste in college football programs
  • He was destined to come to the Panthers as soon as Brad and Brian recorded the pre-draft show the other night
  • He is the star of the next several YouTube videos you are about to watch