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Keep Sounding: It’s draft week!

Brad and Brian preview what to expect when Roger Goodell announces the Panthers picks this weekend.

Brian and Brad are back to talk about the upcoming NFL Draft and where they hope the Panthers go with all seven of their draft picks. In this episode, they discuss some of their favorite prospects, which positions they should focus on when building their roster, whether or not the Panthers could (or should) trade down and what the Panthers should do about the Teddy Bridgewater situation.

Brian believes the Panthers should trade down and target a cornerback with their first round pick, while Brad thinks the Panthers should draft a left tackle (but is happy that the Panthers have unlimited options for the first time in what seems like forever).

They also talk about whether or not the Panthers should take a quarterback at No. 8 overall after trading for Sam Darnold, and Brad believes if the Panthers can get someone to give them a sixth round pick for Teddy Bridgewater they should consider that a win.

You can listen to the episode below, or subscribe to the show with your podcast platform of choice, so give it a listen and give us your feedback in the comments!