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Panthers place franchise tag on Taylor Moton, hope to work out long-term contract

The Panthers are ensuring they have Taylor Moton on the roster for at least the 2021 season by using the franchise tag.

Tennessee Titans v Carolina Panthers

The Panthers have placed the franchise tag on offensive lineman Taylor Moton, according to a report from NFL insider Adam Schefter. Per Schefter’s report, the franchise tag amount for an offensive tackle is expected to be between $13.5 and $14 million.

According to Alaina Getzenberg of the Charlotte Observer, the Panthers haven’t informed Moton of their decision yet, but it’s expected to happen imminently.

This is the least surprising news you’ll see today, but nonetheless it’s nice to see that the Panthers have at least ensured Moton will play for them in 2021. The Panthers do hope to sign Moton to a long-term deal, which they absolutely should do because he’s one of the best tackles in the league. According to Pro Football Focus, Moton is the 13th-best tackle in the NFL with an 81.2 grade in 2020, which is definitely something you want on your offensive line to protect your quarterback (whomever said quarterback might be).

The Panthers have until July 15 to sign Moton to a long-term contract. If both sides cannot come to terms on a deal by that date, Moton will play the 2021 season at the franchise tag value and will essentially be under a 1-year contract with the Panthers (but let’s hope it doesn’t come to that ... just sign him to a deal, Fitterer).

Stay tuned as we’ll have more updates on a potential long-term deal for Moton if/when it happens.