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Greg Olsen will sign one-day contract to retire as a Carolina Panther

Another Panthers great comes home.

New Orleans Saints v Carolina Panthers Photo by Jacob Kupferman/Getty Images

Greg Olsen, who needs no introduction here, is set to sign a one-day contract with the Carolina Panthers on March 11, per the Charlotte Observer’s Alaina Getzenberg. He will retire with the franchise that took him to a Super Bowl.

He came to this franchise as part of a trade that seemed more like highway robbery than polite business. From there his career was made by his relationship with then-franchise quarterback Cam Newton. Off the field, Olsen popped up in all kinds of fan stories out and about, from engagements to car crashes, while managing to stay in the headlines for his charitable work.

We’ll do a full celebration of his best moments, both on and off the field, as a Carolina Panther in the weeks to come. As with Thomas Davis, who is also retiring as a Panther this week, there is no way to do him justice in one post or even by one author.