How to adjust team rosters with a 17-game schedule

Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

With the NFL's expanded 17-game schedule and new media contracts it is time to make some changes in the current NFL roster rules. I believe the NFL should go crazy and expand the active rosters to 56 players starting in the 2022 NFL season. These changes could enhance both player safety and fiscal responsibility.

First, last season showed that being able to bring up a couple of practice squad players before each game made it easier for teams to prepare game plans for opponents. They could extend the practice squad players being able to be brought up during the 2021 NFL season as a transition period with the 17-game schedule.

Second, with the new media contracts, the increase in money available for salaries will allow the expansion to be accomplished without impacting current players salaries.

Third, the extra players would help disperse the projected revenue increases, helping to slow the huge individual salaries that are getting unfathomable.

Finally, they should repeal the practice squad expansion (from 12 to 14 players) that is scheduled to go into effect during the 2022 NFL season. That would result in a true roster expansion of only one player per team while providing the teams with three fully available and protected players.

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