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Keep Sounding: Greg Olsen retirement special

We reminisce about the career of the best tight end in Panthers history.

Today is a very special day. Thomas Davis and Greg Olsen are each retiring as members of the Carolina Panthers. To help celebrate the occasion, we recorded two podcasts, one focused on each of the outgoing Panthers. This one is for Greg Olsen. Thomas Davis has his own. If you haven’t listened to Davis’ yet, it’ll play right after the Olsen podcast ends.

Anyway, on to the topics we discussed in the Greg Olsen Retirement Special:

  • Water
  • The absolute heist the Panthers pulled off to take Greg Olsen from the Bears for a measly third round picks
  • The tight end duo of Greg Olsen and Jeremy Shockey
  • Olsen’s best catches
  • Our best memories and stories of plays related to Greg Olsen
  • Greg Olsen’s resume and if it’s Hall of Fame worthy
  • Olsen took part in arguably the worst game in Panthers history as a member of the other team
  • A fun connection that will forever link Thomas Davis and Greg Olsen
  • Olsen’s charity work