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Keep Sounding: Thomas Davis retirement special

We reminisce on the career of Thomas Davis on the day of his retirement.

Today is a very special day. Thomas Davis and Greg Olsen are each retiring as members of the Carolina Panthers. To help celebrate the occasion, we recorded two podcasts, one focused on each of the outgoing Panthers. This one is for Thomas Davis. Greg Olsen has his own.

On this episode, we talk Thomas Davis and nothing else:

  • The impressiveness of recovering from three ACL tears and the amount of dedication and mental toughness it takes to do that
  • How remarkably healthy he was after the injuries
  • Thomas Davis’ impact on the field and how it wasn’t always reflected in the stats
  • The Thomas Davis/Luke Kuechly tandem
  • Our favorite Thomas Davis plays and memories
  • Different examples of his insane pain tolerance and the toughness he played with
  • The Thomas Davis vs Jimmy Graham beef that seemed entirely one sided
  • Davis’ Man of the Year award and all of the charity work he has done