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Gerald Everett to the Panthers would be a sensible and shrewd move

2020 worked out a lot of futures for the Carolina Panthers, and one thing that can’t be denied is that they have a tight end room that no one envies.

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Quarterback, quarterback, quarterback. It seems like all we talk about these days, and while it is definitely a position that will define this team (and any team) for a long time, we also can’t ignore where the Carolina Panthers could find value to improve other areas of their roster. While pondering this question, I came a post from Pro Football Focus listing their 50 top free agents, and potential landing spots. Their second to last entry on the list made a ton of sense to me, which suggested that Los Angeles Rams tight end Gerald Everett find a new home on the opposite coast.


Prediction: Carolina Panthersthree years, $15 million ($9.5 million guaranteed)

Quarterback is priority No. 1 for Carolina this offseason, but tight end is right up there, too. The Panthers’ tight end room ranked dead last in receiving grade and was responsible for only three 15-plus-yard receptions (four fewer than any other team) in 2020.

Everett is coming off a down year in 2019, but he more than proved he is capable of producing at a top-10 level in his two prior seasons. In fact, he ranked seventh at the position in receiving grade in 2018 and 2019 combined. He is your classic move tight end who adds value after the catch with his athleticism.

No matter who the Panthers field at quarterback next year, there is no doubt that improvement at tight end is going to help them greatly. While the draft holds an intriguing option if the Panthers end up making a first round selection in the talented Florida prospect Kyle Pitts, it seems likely that the Panthers are going to move their pick if they can’t draft a quarterback with it. If that is the case, free agency and young talent would marry here in a good match for Carolina.

Everett is only 26 years old and a former 2nd round pick himself. The Rams would probably like to keep him, but are looking at some difficult decisions having brought in Matthew Stafford and having a lot of mouths to feed a bowl of money. Everett had a down year this year (the PFF article had a typo), but would instantly become the starter here with a chance to shine for whatever QB ends up under center. Anytime you can acquire promising young talent at a decent rate, it’s a good idea to do it. Good player, good fit, and if the PFF guys are right, good price.