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Keep Sounding: Joe Brady fired, kinda Falcons preview

The Panthers have parted ways with their wunderkind offensive coordinator for the home stretch of the season.

The Carolina Panthers are desperate for wins heading down the final stretch of the season. Apparently that means one thing—fire Joe Brady, the offensive coordinator and one of the few members of the staff that wasn’t a holdover from previous Matt Rhule coaching gigs.

That’s the primary focus of this podcast. Here are the bullet points for the Google machine to read:

  • The Panthers lost to the Miami Dolphins in embarrassing fashion. Not a whole lot to say about this, especially two weeks removed from the loss.
  • The Panthers fired Joe Brady
  • Our opinions on the move and how this decision affects the perception of the Panthers and their current level of competence and togetherness
  • The problems with the offense and how much blame belongs to both Brady and Rhule
  • The apparent disconnect between Brady and Rhule
  • What we expect the offense to look like moving forward and the pros and cons of it
  • A quick preview of the biannual misery something or other that Brian calls it