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Keep Sounding: Panthers lose to Falcons, Bills preview, Matt Rhule thoughts

Everything is bad.

Brian and Jon visit this week to discuss the current state of the Carolina Panthers, and in short, stuff isn’t great right now. The quick summary:

  • The Panthers lost to the Falcons on Sunday in a game that went exactly as expected
  • The Falcons won but it’s not like they really played well
  • The rotation of Cam Newton and PJ Walker
  • A tangent on PFF grades
  • A look ahead to the Panthers meeting with the Bills, who just so happen to have the best defense in the NFL by certain metrics
  • The Panthers defense might match up well with the Bills offense since the Bills only pass the ball
  • Score and game flow predictions
  • The Panthers coaching situation and the obvious comparison to what’s happened to another prominent former college coach in Jacksonville
  • Whether or not we think Matt Rhule deserves another year after how this year has gone
  • Approaches to the rest of the season and the offseason