Onwards to the draft

Hear me out fully, because it's not a perfect plan, but I feel like it's better than what the Panthers are showing right now or got cooking.

1. Tank hard. We already know Panthers trading back so might as well tank and get a good draft pick that has value and can be traded down to still remain in the first.

2. Use that pick on o-line. Yeah, no-brainer, this draft is loaded and the NFL needs more o-linemen. Anyway, Rhule's philosophy about position-less players holds water on defense for the most part, especially with Snow's defense. However, the o-line clearly doesn't fall in line with that philosophy. For example, switching Taylor Moton to LT one game and since then he has not played as well. He was stellar the last few seasons and while still good this season, the bar dropped for whatever reason.

3. Find a punching bag of a RB. Leonard Fournette and Melvin Gordon are upcoming FA, and would complement CMC. The RB room needs to be like how Green Bay uses Jones and Dillon; more rushes for Dillon but more overall snaps for Jones as he is more involved in the pass game. Abdullah and Hubbard have been something similar but are held up by the o-line problem.

4. The QB issue: I'm actually torn on this. Part of me wants Sam Darnold as QB because the Panthers will be paying him and I'm tired of wasting money. Part of me wants Cam because I think he brings energy to the fans as he was the "heart of charlotte" for close to a decade. Part of me wants a rookie QB to have something to look forward to, but that's probably not going to happen until the 2023 NFL Draft. Thus, my vote goes to Sam and watch a crappy year.

I believe the best situation going forward is to build an o-line, solidify the defense, make sure the Panthers have a legit RB core, and then draft a promising QB. Field of Dreams style: if you build it, the wins will come.

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