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Keep Sounding: Falcons recap, Patriots preview

The season rolls on in mundane fashion.

Jon (me), Brian, and Brad are back again this week. We’re on a little streak right now. The Carolina Panthers finally won a game against the Atlanta Falcons. We’ve also got a little preview of Sunday’s visit from the New England Patriots. Here’s what we got on today’s show:

  • The Panthers defeated the Falcons in a super boring game, but at least the boringness of if helped it get done very quickly
  • The defense is still very good and the Stephon Gilmore trade has paid immediate dividends
  • A little bit of talk on the continued struggles of Robbie Anderson and Sam Darnold
  • A brief tangent on NFL tanking
  • A lookahead to the Panthers visit from the Patriots
  • A whole lot of Jakobi Meyers stats and factoids that you didn’t know you needed
  • The Patriots being good at everything but great at nothing and also poor at nothing
  • Score predictions