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Right guard John Miller has been activated to the Panthers 53-man roster

Miller returns after three games out for a sprained ankle

Carolina Panthers v New York Giants Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images

The Carolina Panthers have activated right guard John Miller to 53-man roster in advance of tomorrow’s game against the Washington Football Team. He is expected to start.

Miller missed three weeks (the minimum amount of time before he could return) with an ankle injury. For all of the Panthers woes along the offensive line in 2021, Matt Rhules’ support for Miller as one of the team’s best interior linemen has never wavered.

This is an underrated story line in a week that features a lot of big ticket emotional events. Ron and Cam’s return to Bank of America Stadium is going to be a big deal for the city of Charlotte for a lot of reasons, but the context of their returns may well depend more on the quality of the Panthers offensive line than it does on how either of those men feel about the job they will be showing up to perform.

With Miller plugging back into the right guard spot, the Panthers will be featuring their eighth combination of offensive linemen the team will have started in 11 games. We’ll see if that chaos is relevant tomorrow, or just an average part of the landscape for a team starting a quarterback who has practiced for seven days.

In addition to activating Miller, the team has sent cornerback Stantley Thomas-Oliver III to injured reserve with a toe injury.