Midseason NFL Coaching Carousel Predictions


The Bears seem to have finally found their franchise QB in Fields, however the question is whether they have a head coach capable of developing his talents. Considering the Bears are currently 3-5 with a lot of tough games left in the season, it seems very likely that they will miss the playoffs this year. If this were to happen, the Bears could decide that they don't want Fields' development to potentially be stunted by an inept coaching staff (à la Darnold under Gase), and would try to find an upgrade for him.

Best Replacement: Brian Daboll, OC, Bills

Daboll makes sense for the Bears, since he has experience coaching and developing a strong-armed, dual-threat QB in Allen, so he should be able to maximize Fields' talent. The Bears should realize just how effective Daboll is at developing QBs from the fact that he took their former bust in Trubisky and made him look like a quality starter against his former team.


Considering the Broncos are only 4-4 and have Bridgewater as their starting QB, I highly doubt they'll be able to make the playoffs. Since this will now be Fangio's third season without a playoff appearance, I could see them moving on from him. Another reason why he could be fired is that the Broncos are currently the favorites to land Rodgers next year, and I highly doubt that he would want to play under an old-school, defensive-minded coach.

Best Replacement: Eric Bienemy, OC, Chiefs

This hire would make sense for several reasons. The first is that Bienemy is arguably the top offensive coaching candidate available, and the Broncos need all the help they can get on offense. The second is that they would be stealing a highly respected assistant coach from their divisional rival, and the third would be that I'm sure Rodgers would very much appreciate getting to work with the OC who helped create a record-setting offense around Mahomes.


Due to Gruden's emails and ensuing resignation, the Raiders are the only team on this list who we know will definitely be part of the coaching carousel during this upcoming offseason.

Best Replacement: David Shaw, HC, Stanford

Supposdely Shaw is the early frontrunner to be next head coach of the Raiders, since he is a "safe pick" with a winning record as a HC and prior experience coaching with the Raiders. Normally teams would shy away from college coaches since they rarely ever transition well to the NFL (Saban, Spurrier, soon to be Meyer, etc), however with the recent success of Rhule and Kingsbury, I could see the Raiders bucking that trend.


The Vikings have all the talent of a playoff contender, however with a 3-4 record and a tough schedule ahead, it would be surprising to see them pull off a playoff run. Even though Zimmer has a winning record and some playoff success for them, this will be the second year in a row that they've missed the playoffs, and they could feel that an old-school, defensive-minded coach like him isn't the most appropriate person to be leading their team, especially given how their talent hasn't equated to the success that they want.

Best Replacement: Kellen Moore, OC, Cowboys

Considering the Vikings would mainly be firing Zimmer because he is old and defensive-minded, it would make sense for them to get the exact opposite in Moore. Not only is Moore calling plays for the #1 ranked offense in the NFL, but he's also a young, creative, offensive-minded coach in the mold of McVay and Shanahan. He makes sense for the Vikings, since he can either help maximize Cousins' talents like he did with Dak, or he could develop Mond into their future starting QB. The Vikings should have definitely taken notice of his skill as a playcaller considering he's the main reason why the Cowboys were able to beat them with a backup in his first career start.

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