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NFL Reacts: Panthers fans’ confidence skyrockets after Cam Newton’s return

Panthers’ fan confidence jumped 56 percentage points after Cam Newton helped lead the Panthers to victory over the Cardinals in Week 10.

Detroit Lions v Carolina Panthers Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images

The Panthers dominated the Cardinals 34-10 last week, and because of that Panthers fans’ confidence in the team has jumped to its highest point since Week 6. Fan confidence had moved up and down over the last few weeks, and it hit its lowest point after their Week 9 loss to New England, but last week’s win over the Cardinals — coupled with Cam Newton’s return to the team — seems to have fans believing that something can be made out of this season after all.

A quick glance at the chart below will show you just how far confidence has risen since last week, and I encourage you to look at it so I’m not the only one who gets to enjoy it. I also encourage you to notice the W shape the chart has made, which is hopefully a sign of things to come over the next several weeks.

It’s no surprise that fans gain confidence after their team wins a game the way the Panthers beat the Cardinals last week. We watched Cam Newton bring something back to Carolina that we haven’t had since he left two years ago: excitement. Newton didn’t play much against Arizona, but he didn’t need to. As he told the media when they asked him how well he knew the playbook, he gave the offense “two touchdowns worth” of plays in limited action, and he (along with P.J. Walker and the rest of the offense) propelled the team to an upset win in the desert.

The big question going forward is who should the starting quarterback be? Is Cam ready to take the reins after being on the roster for two weeks, or will the Panthers continue to ease him into the lineup by inserting him into special packages like they did against the Cardinals? We asked our fans who the starting quarterback should be, and (as expected) the numbers were overwhelmingly in Newton’s favor. According to 78 percent of our fans, Cam should be the Panthers’ starter going forward. It’s hard to argue with them, to be completely honest with you.

I think we’ll see Cam start this Sunday’s game against Washington — where the Panthers are currently favored by three points — but I also think we’ll see him share time with Walker for at least one more week before they give him full control of the offense. The Panthers have two more games until their bye week, so that would be a good time to hand the keys over to Cam and see where he takes us. I don’t know how this is going to work out, but one thing I do know is that I’m excited to find out. At the very least we have something to look forward to again, which is something we haven’t really had since Cam left before the 2020 season.

What do you think, Panthers fans? Do you have any confidence the Panthers can turn things around and start winning again now that Cam’s back? Why or why not? Share your thoughts with us!

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